CNC 2-6mm Metal Wire Bending Machine

CNC 2-6mm Metal Wire Bending Machine

Adopt Japanese Panasonic servo motor, German reducer, and computer screen, the CNC wire bending machine is able to bend 2-6mm metal wire into different wire forms in high precision.

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Product Details

The machine with no cam design, the working process is much faster and more flexible.

CNC and servo motor controlling system, the machine is suitable for a wide range of wire forming product application.

Bilingual operating interface(English optional), the machine is easy to be operated.

Equipped with 5 sets of cutting tools, which can be alternated and prolong the machine working life.


Model GT60-12R
Line Diameter 2.0-6.0mm
Max Line Feeding Value 10000mm
Min Line Feeding Value 0.01mm
Max Line Feeding Speed 80m/min
Max Line Length Unlimited
Axis 12
Total Power of Servo Motors                                                             39.8kw
Input Power 380v/50hz/3ph
Control System Made in Taiwan                                                                             
Program Storage 3000plus
Air Pressure 5~6kg/cm²
Probe Number 3
Dimension(L*W*H) 350*215*215cm³
Weight 7000kg




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