Precise 2D CNC Wire Bending Machine

Precise 2D CNC Wire Bending Machine

Precise and Stable 2D CNC Wire Bending Machine, High Quality Automatic 2D CNC Wire Bending Machinery is to expertly produce kinds of wire forms in 2D fully automatically. It is suitable for wire size from 2.0mm up to 6.0mm.

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Product Details

Precise 2D CNC Wire Bending machine

CNC 2D wire bending machine is to produce kinds of wire forms expertly with high precision and fast speed. Adopts Japanese Sanyo Denki servo motor and screen display with controller.


Advantages & Features:

    1.3 pairs feeding roller , feeding motor fixed on the bottom base, so as to decrease the feeding box weight, that wire rotating is more fast and light , turning angle is more precise and stable.

    2.Twisting head is designed in copper tube transport, more stable and stronger than bearing transfer.


Application field:


1. Auto Industry area

2. Metal wire industry

3. Display table and cargo shelf

4. Furniture and Kitchen

5. Hardware industry

6. Mattress, Sofa spring area

7. Architecture area


Technical Paramter:




Wire size(mm)




feeding roller number

3 pairs

Servo Motor


Oil pressure


feeding speed

45 mtrs per minute

machine size(cm)


machine weight(kg)


Machine show:

2D wire bending machine.jpg

What machine making:

2D wire.jpg

Factory show:

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