CNC Steel Pipe And Tube Bender

CNC Steel Pipe And Tube Bender

metal pipe bending machine

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CNC Steel Pipe and tube Bender

Max bending tube diameter×wall thickness(mm):Iron tube Φ50×2.5t
Stainless steel tube Φ45×2.0t
Square tube Φ32×1.8t
Max bending radius(mm): 250
Max bending degree(°): 185
Max efficiency core penetration(mm): 2210
Bending accuracy(°): ±0.1
bending speed(°/Sec):150
Bending method: Hydraulic
Motor power(KW): 5.5
Max hydraulic pressure(Mpa): 14
Machine size(L×W×H)M: 3.5×0.7×1.3

Other models:

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Machines show:

pipe bending machine WG-50CNC.jpg

U pipe bending machine-WG38CNC.jpg

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What pipes machines make:

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