Spring Maintenance

- Oct 18, 2016-

Friends know familiar with the machines, all machines in use after a period of time, there is some wear, our spring is the same way, over a period of time after use, the machine's efficiency will be significantly reduced, affecting production efficiency. Daily care and maintenance of spring is very important.

Mechanical engineer, machine maintenance is mainly reflected in the following aspects, the first cleaning of the machine, in the course of using, inside the machine will slowly will not clean, long, will affect the internal circuit, making poor contact of circuit problems. The second point to note is the maintenance of machine parts, such as some parts should be promptly replaced, some old parts to mechanical wear, there are some parts of lubrication are also important. Machines used in the process, if it is found that the exception in some indicators of the machine, in time to identify the cause, with the potential to minimize the harm.

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