Packaged With The Main Categories

- Oct 18, 2016-

Packing belt is a wide range of packaging materials, its range, according to different categories, you can make the following classification:

1, from the production of PP material quality can be divided into core and solid core zone;

2, from product quality to be divided into transparent a-level, transparent class b, class a, AB class, b-class, BC-grade and c-grade and so on;

3, from the use of the packaging machine can be divided into hand-packing tape, packing belt (machine packing belt is divided into fully automatic machines and semi-automatic machine);

4, uses can be divided into packaging strapping and crafts;

5, printing can be divided into printing and non-printing;

6, from the bear's ability to see mainly PP strapping, steel strapping (also called PET packing belt) and metal strap;

7, from the production of packaged with the sources of raw materials can be divided into new packaging and recycled packaging;

8, mainly white from color packing tape, gray, packing tape and colored packing tape.

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