Outdoor Development

- Mar 13, 2019-

This is where we grow, stretch and experiment.Something gave us the strength to overcome the difficulty together. We are team,great!

Share with you about that what our team did together.

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Our company do:

Product range:

Product range:

2D/3D Wire bending machinery for wire, strip and tube material, spring making machines, CNC and mechanically controlled; ring and buckle making machine; machines for the production of strapping buckles, strapping seals, machines for the production of bucket handles with or without end stamping and plastic cover; machines for the production of paint roller with or without lips stamping and plastic over; wire straightening and cutting-off machines; Packaging equipment include cord strapping production line, hot melt strapping production line, PET strapping production line and woven strap production line, and other customer specially tailor made bending machinery. All of our machine was CE certified. 

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