History Of Spring Machine

- Oct 18, 2016-

Spring is commonly used in industrial components, from aircraft and warships, small mobile phone camera, and so on all kinds of products are to spring, so spring production has hundreds of years of history. Original of spring just cylindrical shaped of pulled pressure spring, used manual around business of, technology relative not mature production efficiency than lower, dang to production train or tank, heavy equipment Shang of large spring Shi on very difficult---with industrial products of increased spring products also variable of rich up, various shaped spring as: Tower shaped (commonly known as battery spring) spring, double twist yellow,, such with General of manual method to do many around business mold, a spring to 3~8 a process to completed, Processes and products even more stability with the amount of spring gradually increased in Germany, and Japan and other industrial countries in the first group of enterprises producing spring system, spring-related technologies also slowly matured in Germany wafeiaosi (wafios) gradually stronger as the representative of the equipment manufacturer.

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