History Of Spring Machine

- Oct 18, 2016-

Spring is commonly used in industrial components, from aircraft and warships, small mobile phone camera, and so on all kinds of products are to spring, so spring production has hundreds of years of history. Original spring cylindrical compression springs, hand-wound, technology is relatively immature low production efficiency, when it comes to production of trains or large spring on the tanks and other heavy equipment, it is very difficult.

With the increase of industrial products products also become rich again, all kinds of special Springs: Tower (commonly known as the battery Springs) spring, double torsion spring, and so by the conventional manual method to do a lot around the stencil, a spring 3~8 a process to complete, or more process and product stability.

As the amount of spring gradually increased in Germany, and Japan and other industrial countries in the first group of enterprises producing spring system, spring-related technologies also slowly matured in Germany wafeiaosi (wafios) gradually stronger as the representative of the equipment manufacturer. In the Asia-Pacific region of Japan and China's Taiwan also appeared a few spring production enterprises, Japan such as ITAYA, MEC represented Taiwan to the North-East (EN Qiao Ding), representatives of the freely. MEC spring spring tension and compression of machine have printing presses said, while Taiwan's Northeast spring machine (EN Qiao Ding) is the pioneer in universal spring machine, Wu Jintu with years of experience in spring industry alone, the founder of the company developed a new universal spring machine, broke the monopoly of Europe to us and made the United States and Japan of invention patents. Free line is known for its large compression spring machines throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

In mainland China, spring production at the time of hand-made for a very long, with the accumulation of technology, also has several spring manufacturers, as represented by the Luoyang. The 90 's of the last century, China Taiwan's northeast (EN Qiao Ding) spring starts in the domestic sales and slowly prospered in China Spring industry, also contributed to a number of spring machine peripheral equipment production enterprises.

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