Features Of Spring Machine

- Oct 18, 2016-

According to function features is divided into: pressure spring machine, and pulled spring machine, and universal machine, and disc machine and dedicated spring machine as: Snake Spring machine, and twist spring machine according to drive way is divided into: semi-automatic type, and automatically type, and NC type and full computer control type high-end spring machine has WAFIOS of FMU series, and FUL series, and and special for double twist development of FMK series, in the high-end has Japan MEC of TM series, SH series, and ITAYA of AX series, RS series and Taiwan Northeast EN5 series, light Hong KHM series, Conventional mid-market MAX, JYF, yongteng, Yinfeng, precision industry, Hua Yida, such as East, XINDA, in China's Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta has a large number of equipment manufacturing industry has a certain share in the low-end market.

Leading the industry trend is no CAM CNC spring forming machines, cam free spring with its convenient, fast and stable, and suitable for special-shaped spring production advantages, more and more market share. Free cam spring machine and that in most of the 10 or 12 axes, the picture on the left is the 12-axis free cam spring.

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