Coiling Machine Future

- Oct 18, 2016-

Volume spring machine of technology accumulated gradually has tends to mature, all equipment manufacturers are established has himself of professional development sector even and some professional of wire forming field of University Institute joint, development latest of equipment like Germany of spring machine boss WAFIOS of equipment latest technology and latest control technology of joint, has reached has is a reach of height, equipment unique of operation control system and exclusive of patent structure, called spring machine in the of Mercedes-Benz S600 or BMW 7 Department. Japan represented by MEC,ITAYA enterprises is to increase the precision of the equipment to a new standard, also developed on its own devices a number of special auxiliary devices, flexible and convenient use.

China Spring home to Taiwan a few businesses apart from the old and famous enterprises in Northeast and freely outside, NUCOIL (LI), East (herdon)

Also developed a variety of devices. Northeast spring mechanical for convenient sale Hou and close customer principles 2000 before and after in city established has branch and Office, to overseas Ding and Chang into of name directly occupation has spring production base beads triangle and long triangle, also in original of based according to customer of needs feedback Shang development out has variety machine species, and for specific customer development has some dedicated of industry equipment, fill has domestic industry of blank, and still in according to customer of needs constantly improved. If said Northeast is universal machine of pioneer, so NUCOIL and HERDON is is late of show, NUCOIL development of a paragraph multifunctional 21 axis spring machine in Germany of equipment exhibition Shang more is won has world industry within of praised, HERDON is years within development has almost full series of equipment, sold Eastern Europe and Asia-Pacific, in city area of Luoyang explicit constant NC machine limited, and MAX,JYF, yongteng, also development has the has features of equipment, in industry in are has place, Those large number of imitation and plagiarism, wanted to address the mobile industry will be a little bit out of the mainstream of the mainstream market.

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