Acceptance Requirements For Spring

- Oct 18, 2016-

I. spring machine no-load operation test preparations:

1, spring machine no-load operation test basis must be completely dry before they can be.

2, check the various parts of the torsion spring machines is free of foreign matter, the connectors and fasteners are not deflected.

3, check spring machine lubrication lines, hydraulic pipes are connected properly, the amount of lubricating and hydraulic oil is appropriate, oil level is appropriate, lubrication lubrication is in place.

4, spring machine ancillary equipment in separate check no-load operation before test to verify its performance requirements are met.

II. spring machine no-load:

1, first start the spring machine turning, check all parts properly. Voltage stability, checked turn checking z axis z axis rotation is smooth, no twist, and so on. No load operation must be idle before they go out to 4-8 hours.

2, check whether the spring machine have the ground wire, prevent leakage from happening, so as to avoid unnecessary.

3, turn the controller to manual operation, repeated use of the y axis movement, see whether the y axis runs smooth and easy.

4, spring machine during no-load operation test to check the following items:

A: drive gears and bearings and other lubrication points lubrication full, seal part seal is good.

B: there shall be no more vibration and periodic noise in operation.

III. torsion spring load test run:

1, spring machine (disc) after passing the no-load test, load test run. When the load test run, equipment samples to 2 hours of material is needed to see proof of stable.

2, spring load test run, you should check the basic technical parameters are consistent with torsional spring machine requirements.

3, y axis and z axis to torsion spring machines smoothly and is not easy to wring their problems such as precision, the accuracy of the meter measuring the z axis.

4, spring machine line, circuit, the control system should be flexible, secure, and reliable.

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