Automatic Mop Hook Making Machine

Automatic Mop Hook Making Machine

Product description :Automatic Mop hook Making Machine adopts hydraulic driven system, It is specially designed to produce pins for paint roller handle frame.It is designed to bend , flat punch and cutting all in line fully automatically.

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Product Details

Automatic Mop hook Making Machine

Paint brush frame making machine for paint handles

Paint roller frame forming machine is to expertly produce kinds of paint handles fully automatically.

Frame bending, threading ,ear stamping,  knotching and plastic dressing are fully automatically .Chamfering roller handle machine adopts hydraulic system, excellent workmanship, mold cutting with high precision ,mainly used in the decoration, convenient and quick, the chamfering of product surface is brightness, produce rolling chamfering roller handle with automatically.

And this machine adopts PLC for Industrial computer ,it's will more easy operation and convenient.

It is suitable for wire size from 3.0mm up to 8.0mm.  



Wire size


Feeding length


Motor Power


Production rate

10-15PCS per minute

Machine size

1900 X 1200 X 1900mm



Machine display



1.Introduce  products  in  detail

2.Recommend  suitable  solution


Dring  manufacturing

1.Offer  screw  plan  and  related  documents

2.Inform  the   project  processing  status

3.Insure  the  product  designed  in  accordance  with  technical  document



1.Provided  installation  ,commissioning  and  training

2.Offer  spare  parts 

3.Provide  nessary  technical  support  and  update  information.



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