Bucket Carbon Iron Hook Bending Machine

Bucket Carbon Iron Hook Bending Machine

Bucket Carbon Iron Hook Bending Machine

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Product Details

Bucket Carbon Iron Hook Bending Machine

Hydraulic East-west type bucket handle making machine


Technical Parameter:




Wire size


End stamping

No, east-west end

Plastic cover


Feeding length


Production rate


Motor power






Machine Main Features:

1) Well designed and structured, computer control, easy to operate and maintain;

2) Wire feeding by stepper moter, high precision;

3) Can set product quantity, when machine's production reach set quantity, the machine 
will stop automatically.

4) Driven by hydraulic strongly and durably.


  1. Wire Diameter: 1-6mm

  2. Wire Feeding Length: based on needs

  3. Motor Power: 8KW

  4. Production Speed: 15pcs/minute

  5. Machine Cooling: Air Cooling or Water Cooling, chosen by customer.

  6. Control: computer control+CNC

  7. Language in the computer: English and Chinese.

  8. Machine Dimension: L2300mm*W1600mm*H2000mm.

  9. Machine Weight: 1380kgs

  10. Driven Power: Hydraulic

  11. Power Supply: 3Phases, 380V, 50HZ, can be custom made if customer's power supply is different.

  12. Mold making: according to customer's product drawing or samples. 

  13. One machine can make multiple products, each product needs one mold.

  14. Automatic plastic tube feeding and putting on.

工业电脑反向款 (2)--4

工业电脑反向款 (2)--4

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