Strap joint

- Oct 18, 2016-

A) hot melt bonding. It uses high frequency oscillation of electric welding, mechanical welding and heating methods such as ultrasonic welding, plastic surface is heated to melt will melt surface lapping up on the two side, under some pressure to keep a certain amount of time, after melting surface condensation, adhesive plastic tape joints. The joint way apply to Polypropylene plastic bag, because the mechanical solid Polypropylene plastic belt with metal buckle, which is only base metal 50%, adhesive connections do not apply.

B)-metal buckle. This method is to use ratchet tensioner one-way, belt tension, then placed an iron buckle at the joint, and then clamp the iron buckle wrap two layers of tape and iron buckle shaped bump side teeth, bite belt is not loose. Iron buckles usually made from galvanized iron, when according to the models to select the suitable specifications of iron banding buckles.

C) ligation. Such joints are soft plastic rope, hemp rope, such as Paraffin, knot at the joint. This joint approach is strong and beautiful, and easy to untie.

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