Spring in commonly encountered problems during installation

- Oct 18, 2016-

In the process of installing the spring, is not always smooth sailing, will encounter some problems, large and small. 

1, computer control spring machine system, namely "coaster" phenomenon, in position control of the PC (computer control) is not random, but in the speed control in the PC casual appearance, is also more difficult to overcome to eliminate defects. Following is the analysis of speed control of PC system out of control, possible causes are: first, AC servo control circuit board and related issues then, Springs processing order preparation of a third, control cable connector, Terminal problems. IV, servo motor encoder circuit problems associated with ECHO last in power on reset, power, question 

2, such as when there is alarm, not complex. Or just enter a password, enter the password again the next day. First of all, in half an hour before the start of winter, for example the reason can not be reset, it is clear that is related to the temperature of the machine. Spring equipment is imported servo motor, the environment itself is 0-40 no coagulation. But due to the low temperature, coagulated or viscosity of the oil increases within the fuselage, resulting in running obstacles, half an hour later, body heat, the problem will naturally disappear. Temperature of the solution is to improve the workplace environment, or changing the oil. Secondly, the computer password lock problems can contact the manufacturer to obtain the password at this time. Spring machine use, improving the time efficiency of the company's spring production, shorten the speed master machine in the machine during the time, improves the quality of spring, but also have the technical equipment in the higher requirements, and cost (price, type and other factors) increased.

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