Packaged with detailed profiles

- Oct 18, 2016-

Constantly expanded package with has just to on products of packaging only for using, like to reflected products of noble atmosphere will used new material with, transparent with, printing Word with and light environmental of package with, said environmental with of raw materials completely is used oil inside refined of polypropylene for production of, due to PP polypropylene is belongs to oil of with products, so price certainly will followed oil price of fluctuations and produced effect.

From an environmental point of view, resources are limited and demand all manufacturers to recycling to save resources. And environmental type package with is no added also not can added any fill and impurities of raw materials of, using zhihou, can again for processing broken, second times using, often we by saw of regeneration material package with only rarely part only can for processing using of, so environmental package with is many factory of select, according to long-term of development situation view, environmental package with will will a step a step of alternative package core of.

And now many people consider is packaged with the market price on new material sales are part of the cost is relatively high, a lot of people have approached environmental packaging errors, is light green strap is used in accordance with a volume of sales, in accordance with market practice, Pure material package with of price General will is sandwich with (again raw package with of) 1.3-twice times of price, but also is a tons of package with, pure material with of out with rate (actual package with of length) is sandwich with and again raw with of 2.5-3 (ya of River company has breakthrough has market of limit has reached has 4.5-5 times times equal income differences 1.2765 million around). Pure material that is packaged with the price actually arms the price is lower than many of the other strap.

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