Computer spring forming machine cutting

- Oct 18, 2016-

First, spring machine spring machine, including the computer press the operator panel, feed mechanism and cutter (arm), hydraulic and other mechanical components. Spring Spring wire processing machine is used to perform a variety of mechanical components. Second, spring and controlling current spring machine control is divided into mechanical electrical control equipment and CNC type controller device, now phasing machine spring machine, CNC spring making machines for the trend. Now we, Zhejiang universal spring machinery products in detail. It is made up of a host, a computer control system and servo motor parts, the spring that is the integration of electrical and optical equipment, computer controller can control 2 or more axes of movement related movement unit, precisely and produce a variety of springs, make it a highly efficient, high precision springs make the ideal product. Computer spring forming machine after cutting is winding shaping, cutting wire is the last process of the falling spring, cut off by knife and core to complete. Computer spring machine of adjustment, can is divided into the institutions of single adjustment and put the institutions contact with of General adjustment, volume spring machine adjustment Shi should first right to select and installation by needed of tool, as wire, and sent material wheel, and various cam, and core axis, and cut knife, and top rod and so on, then according to process requirements for itemized adjustment. single adjustment content Shang following: three, and computer spring outside by of adjustment 1. main is adjustment outside by institutions, volume cylindrical shaped spring Shi, top Rod upper and lower is fixed not moving of or turned to right location of fixed, Just debugging inside or outside, so it is not necessary to install adjustable cam adjustment simpler. when the volumes are convex conical Springs, spring, must be equipped with adjustable cam. 2. volume conical spring is from small diameter end to started to large diameter end, adjustable cam processes is the transfer from high to low is to keep back straight, formed from small diameter to large diameter circle, following the end of the feeding process, ejector and revert to the position of head of volume, start a new cycle.

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