Common terms in the spring industry

- Oct 18, 2016-

Processing for spring, in spring there are many common terms. For people who regularly deal with spring, this may be all too familiar. But we think that we should only know a handful of them, because the species is too much of a spring not every spring we need, so let us take a look at some Springs commonly used jargon and terminology explained.

Spring: it takes advantage of the material's elastic and structural characteristics of deformation and the load has always maintained a provision the elastic elements of the relation;

Cylindrical helical compression springs: withstand the compressive forces of the coil spring;

Cylindrically coiled tension spring: withstand a tensile force of cylindrical spiral spring

Helical torsion springs: subjected to torsional moment of cylindrical spiral spring;

Different pitch helical spring: the pitch is not equal to that of cylindrical spiral spring;

Air spring: scalable in a closed container full of compressed air to take advantage of the elasticity of air springs;

Annular spring: used more with inner and outer cone with elastic ring composed of three springs;

Compression rubber Springs: withstand the compressive forces of the rubber spring;

Reversed rubber Springs: rubber Springs subjected to torsional moment.

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