CNC spring machine production of spring flow

- Oct 18, 2016-

Any equipment production is a certain process steps, CNC spring machine is no exception, of course, spring equipment in the production of springs also need to follow the steps.

From universal spring machine of work principle can see, single top Rod spring equipment of advantages is only needed adjustment a support curve rules, in replacement spring varieties Shi by fee of machine adjustment time less, and can volume business high of early stress of spiral stretch spring, in around spin spring replacement Shi more is convenient; double top Rod volume spring machine of advantages is heart axis no longer became forming spring circle of a friction points, just up to cut wire Shi auxiliary of role, so in production different diameter of spring Shi, without again frequently replacement heart axis.

Curve under the control of change in diameter of the spring, both forwards and backwards movements to adjust the diameter of the spring or roll changes diameter coil springs. When you roll diameter coil springs, you must use the corresponding variable-cam. With the continuous roll into spring coil springs, adjustable cam also turned to control the ejector pins for proper exercise, roll out the required diameter coil springs.

When you want to roll with varying pitches (commonly known as different pitch) when helical compression springs or coil springs, needed pitch cam; in the presence of variable pitch cam through a set of swing-Rod mechanism pushes the pitch before and after the block to move to achieve the spring roll with varying pitches.

In addition, double ejector spring three points correspond to the Central angle is larger than the single-pole, so volume is around big spring is more convenient and stable. Double ejector spring coiling machine in left and right rotation when spring replacement is in trouble, need to refit the entire outside diameter change agencies.

CNC spring forming machine production process is very simple, mainly controls the rotation of the cam, so as to achieve control of other sports.

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