High Speed Strapping Buckle Making Machine

High Speed Strapping Buckle Making Machine

This machine adopts mechanical driven system with cam and motor , fast speed and good appearance. which is the best machine for manufacturing strapping buckles.50-60pcs per minute production capacity, one worker can look after 5-6 machines at the same time. economical and labour saving equipment help you to earn more profits.

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Product Details

strapping buckle machine is adopted mechanical driving sytem and PLC controlling system, which is to produce kinds of strapping wire buckles with fast production capacity and good quality. 
It can produce wire buckles for strapping size from 10mm up to 16mm. For wire diameter from 1.0mm up to 3.5mm.

1. Low cost: Much. Lower cost than CNC forming machine but with more faster production speed rates.
2. Stable quality: Can achieve very stable buckle quality, better than pneumatic machine.
3. Save labour: One worker can look after 5-6 machines at one time, as it is fully automatically controlled.

Model: GT-SB35

1. Wire size: 1.0-3.5mm
2. Feeding length: 260mm
3. Production rate: 60-80PCS/minute
4. Machine size: 1560 X 800X 1460mm
5. Weight: 500kg


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