Brass Flat Iron Bending Machine

Brass Flat Iron Bending Machine

Brass Flat Iron Bending Machine

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Brass Flat Iron Bending Machine

This machine can  produce kinds of strapping wire buckles with fast production capacity.

It can produce steel wire buckles for wire diameter from 1.0mm up to 3.5mm.




1. Low cost:  much . lower cost than CNC forming machine but with more faster production speed rates.

2. Stable quality: can achieve  very stable buckle quality, better than pneumatic machine.

3. Save labour: one worker can look after 3 machines at one time, as it is fully automatically controlled.


CE Certified





Model GT-WB-MB5R
Wire size2.0-4.0mm
feeding length260mm
production rate60pcs/minute


Product parameters 

铜卡簧弹片折弯成型机 (3)--2

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