Hydraulic Cord Strapping Buckle Making Machine

Hydraulic Cord Strapping Buckle Making Machine

Hydraulic Strapping Buckle Making Machine,This machine is suitable for steel wire, iron wire, stainless steel wire manufacturing cord strapping buckle, different size just replaced mold ,it with fast speed ,high precision, high yield ,it was used for manufacturing small size cord strapping buckles expertly.

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Product Details

Hydraulic Cord Strapping Buckle Making Machine


GT-DB series strapping buckle machine is adopted hydraulic driving sytem with PLC control to produce kinds of strapping wire buckles with fast production capacity.

It can produce wire buckles for strapping size from 13mm up to 40mm . for wire diameter from 2.0mm up to 8.0mm.

we have 4 models for options:


1. GT-DB5: for wire sie from 2.0mm up to 4.5mm, for strapping size from 13mm up to 19mm.

2. GT-DB7: for wire size from 4.0mm up to 7.0mm, for strapping size from 19mm up to 32mm.

3. GT-DB8: for wire size from 5.0mm up to 8.0mm, for strapping size from 25mm up to 40mm.




1. Low cost: Much Lower cost than CNC forming machine but with more faster production speed rates.
2. Stable quality: Can achieve very stable buckle quality, better than pneumatic machine.
3. Save labour: One worker can look after 3 machines at one time, as it is fully automatically Controlled. 



Technical Data:


 Model: GT-DB5


1.Wire size:2.0-4.5mm
2.Feeding lenth:


3.Production rate:18-20pcs/minute
4.Machine size:1960x800x1800mm


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